Popeyes Chicken Sandwhich is Hot Right Now

You have probably seen it everywhere already. The Popeyes Fried Chicken Sanwhich.. It looks good and it doesn’t break the bank at a price of $4.

It has everyone arguing on what chicken Sanwhich is the best. The two main contenders are Popeyes and Chick Fil A.

Almost every major Influencer like has a video involving one of these sandwiches.

Make sure to call the location before you get there.

Almost all locations are out or will soon be out so make sure to call beforehand.

Want $100 in delivery fee credit? Sign up with code 9QFDQY or just tap this link! (Terms apply.) https://postmat.es/oICthX1UEZ

Enjoy that sandwich.


Labor Day 2019

Labor Day is today which is September 2nd which at the time I’m writing this article.

It was originally made as part of an economic and social movement.

No one knows who actually founded it actually. Most people believe Matthew Maguire did.

Keep in mind most things are going to be closed so your fucked.

Kevin Hart’s Injury

Kevin Hart was involved in a car crash involving two other people.

The driver drank a little too much and swerved off. It was around midnight too which means that the road was dark.

Kevin Hart is a well known stand up comedian that is known for starring in popular movie roles.

He was taken To Northridge Hospital Medical Centre. Therefore the Oscar ceremony continued. It would have been better if Kevin Hart was there.

And that’s all folks.

Taking A Break

Everyone needs a break from something. I won’t be writing any articles as of now because I’m saving up money to have my magazine automated. That means articles will be pulled from other sources and published automatically. It’s time for me to step back and give my magazine time to breathe. Peace.

– Owner of DailyInfluencer


DailyInfluencer will soon have an upgrade and it’s worth the wait. We will have a fully functioning app and an even better website. We will cover all the latest trend worthy topics.

From the creator who wants to keeps his identity a secret says “I made this magazine so people can catch up with the latest and greatest trends with nuggets of gold here and there.”

How To Buy Games For Cheaper 🎮

I love playing games.

It’s probably my favorite hobby. When I had a gaming laptop I was always searching through the Steam Store looking for the next game I was going to buy. I would pay the full price for the games thinking I got a great deal.

Then I found out about G2A. It is a site that let’s you purchase the same steam games for cheaper. How might you ask? People are trying to make money off of games they already have or don’t want. So they sell you the product key so you can redeem your game. The games are sold at a competetive rate and it’s always going to be cheaper than the Steam Store.

Go now and buy a game or two and tell me what you think.

Here is the link to G2A.

Have Fun.